Fois gras, how we make it today  – 4490.- HUF
Salmon, daily innovation - 4490.- HUF
French tartare (Angus), Petrus style – 4490.- HUF
Camambert, plum, quince, shortcrust pastry – 3790.- HUF
Black Mussels, Champagne, parsley, butter, cream - 4890.- HUF


 Soup A’ la Chef – 2490.- HUF
French onion soup – 2190.- HUF V


Main courses

Beef cheak, caramellized onion, champignon de Paris, potato gratin – 5790.- HUF
Duck breast, daily innovation - 5290.- HUF
Boeuf Bourgignon classic – 4790.- HUF
Daily fish (fresh from the market) – 5990.- HUF
Veal Rib Eye (Charolais), pomme de terre – 7890.- HUF 


Iconic French desserts are found in the fridge – 2190.- HUF

The Petrus Classic Menu

Angus French Tartare
Boeuf Bourguignon Classic, Pomme de terre
Chocolate tart in Petrus style


Iconic French desserts are found in the fridge – 4190.- HUF

Degustation Menu

Foie gras au torchon, as we make it today*
Gizella Barát Hárslevelű, Tokaj
Salmon, daily innovation
Etyeki Chardonnay
Octopus, chorizo, pepper*
The house wine of Petrus, Somló 2008
Black pudding, apple, mango
St Andrea “Áldás” Bikavér, Eger
Breast of duck, mushroom*
Chateau Pey la Tour, Bordeaux
Oremus Late Harvest, Tokaj

The price of the 6 course menu: 17500.- HUF
Wine pairing: 26390.- HUF

The price of the 4 course* menu: 11500.- HUF
Wine pairing: 17790.- HUF

Vegetarian tasting menu

Boursin cheese, yoghurt, honey
Pumpkin velouté, fennel
Hummus, eggplant, Ras el Hanout
Camambert, plum, quince

The price of the 5 course menu: 9900.- HUF

Dear Customers!

This menu is a selection of creations, which are the very base of PETRUS; they are everyone’s favourites from day one. Seasonality and the freshest ingredients found in the market are the foundations of the other part of our assortment.
We can change these meals whenever we can or want to.
Best regards:
Zoltan Feke
The Chef